Michael Jackson’s one of my very favorite performers of all time. And actually, when we get ready to put together an ACM or a CMA Awards performance, we start by looking for Michael Jackson videos. We are always intensely inspired by his dancing but also just his presence onstage.
I think he’s so cool because he crossed all genre boundaries, national/international boundaries, race boundaries. Everybody was in love with this guy. Just a phenomenal entertainer. —Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry (via alchrista)
You know, there’s not a lot of people who have sold that many records or had an impact on music in general as much as Michael Jackson. I have a lot of Michael songs downloaded on my phone. It probably rivals any one country artist that I have, except for a couple of guys. I mean, I doubt anybody wouldn’t want to have the size and scope of his musical career, I don’t care what genre you’re in. —Chris Young (via alchrista)


Michael Jackson - Discography