"Grammy-winning singer Michael Jackson is given a warm welcome by host Mickey and Minnie Mouse during Saturday’s visit at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. Jackson enjoyed many of the park’s attractions including ‘Big Thunder Mountain.’"

I met and got to know Michael Jackson pretty well. There’s a guy that was so troubled, but he was so talented. I watched that This Is It documentary. The guy … had 19-year-old kids out of breath from dancing with him. … Music wasn’t just something he did. That’s what he was. He was his music. He not only sang great, but he danced great. He understood what his package was and how to do it —Kenny Rogers (via alchrista)


I tried to draw Michael Jackson in different drawing styles!

Michael Jackson’s one of my very favorite performers of all time. And actually, when we get ready to put together an ACM or a CMA Awards performance, we start by looking for Michael Jackson videos. We are always intensely inspired by his dancing but also just his presence onstage.
I think he’s so cool because he crossed all genre boundaries, national/international boundaries, race boundaries. Everybody was in love with this guy. Just a phenomenal entertainer. —Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry (via alchrista)